The easiest way to play with electronics on your Raspberry Pi


A handy collection of inputs and outputs

You can invent lots of cool little projects using the on-board button, lights and speaker.

When you want to get more advanced you can attach your own inputs and outputs to Pibrella to extend your projects.

It even has a USB power connector so it can deliver more juice to motors, relays and solenoids connected to the outputs.

With LED indicators on all of the inputs and outputs it makes debugging your projects a real breeze...

1. Shutdown and disconnect the power

Always cleanly shutdown your Pi before connecting add-ons.

2. Attach your Pibrella

It will slot nicely onto the GPIO header to completely cover it.

3. Connect power to the Pibrella

The socket looks the same as the one on your Pi.

How do I make my Pibrella do something?

1. Install the Python Libraries

You'll need an internet connection on your Pi
From LXTerminal (or the command line). Let's make sure Raspbian is up to date. Type:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
Once these are finished you can type:
sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install pibrella

2. Write some code

Start the interactive Python shell by typing this into LXTerminal:
sudo python -i
Type in this code:
import pibrella

3. When you're done, type:


4. Write some interesting code

Start the interactive Python shell by typing this into LXTerminal:
sudo python -i
Type in this code or go to in Midori and copy and paste the code on your Pi.
# burglar alarm! (catches grinches and gruffalos)
import pibrella, signal

def alarm(pin):        # make some noise
   pibrella.light.pulse()        # flash lights

def reset(pin):
   pibrella.light.stop()         # reset alarm

pibrella.input.a.changed(alarm)  # listen for intruder
pibrella.button.pressed(reset)   # in case of stupid cat

signal.pause()                   # waiting for intruder!
Press enter to finish the line and the code will run!

5. Now activate Input A!

Connect the 2 pins of input A with a wire or resistor. (Press the big red button to reset)

That's great!
How do I do more?

Using Python?

Explore the Python Library on Github.

Using Scratch?

Try SimpleSi's ScratchGPIO Library

Need some help or support?

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Where can I get a Pibrella?

Buy directly

You can buy from Cyntech online.
We ship worldwide.


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